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Good question. I often like to go with sketches early on, a few pointers: If you want to present sketches, set that expectation with the client. Tell them why you're presenting sketches (quicker than doing higher fidelity wires) and that eventually you will get to wireframes. Give them the option to go right to wireframes, but of course, this would impact ...


ask your clients up front make sure they "look natural" - not all gray, not total saturation, ... photos of a whiteboard usually look better than photos of a paper sketch


As Michael Lai has mentioned in a comment there are tools for rapid prototyping as Balsamiq Mockups, Webzap, Axure, etc which let you make a fast and simple prototyping without losing time and energy. Also they save the energy of thinking "is it well sketched? is it too messy? what if I have to change a little thing, should I add it in Photoshop or by ...


If you are doing paper mock ups and testing; you can take some images and try to show paths. Try to document your design process while paper prototyping. There are some free apps for that, check POP if you have a IOS device. Other than that, scanning is also fine, it will take longer time in my opinion. Gifs are also working really good if designs ...

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