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The new trend is using apps without an account, so this should be the main option in big letters or just implicit by the workflow. The second smaller option is then called "secure data with an account" and you get to a screen where you can pick the options you have now. Mariella is right for referencing the SE design, would even go so far to recommend the ...


I think the design is fine, if I'd change anything was to put login and sign up in the same row for a more compact look, but I think it depends on the size of the logo.


Take a look at the login screen here at UX.stackexchange: When you compare this with your mockup, yours looks crowded and a bit confusing. One of the reasons that the login screen feels overwhelming, is that you ask your users to make multiple choices at the same time: Facebook or email Log in or sign up (and what does connect mean? is that equivalent ...


I'm okay with a minimal form on a landing page - it makes the signup feel more connected to the content. I've had situations in the past where I have had longer lead forms but still wanted to capture essential information on the landing page - like email address and name. My approach was: -on submit of the first form the user would be directed to a thank ...


The forms main focus is currently on signing up new users. Logging in for existing users is placed at the bottom which might let people create multiple accounts or quit because they've just entered two fields before realising they are signing up instead of logging in (personally hate this on Pinterest!). I would suggest making it more obvious for users that ...


Make the login buttons of each type similar looking to show they're all equally valid. Currently the social ones are relegated to mere text links.


I hate filling out forms - most people hate filling out forms - and social connect provides an easy way for users to access a service. I'm looking at the evidence out there and some folks say there is no difference using SC but others report higher signup rates using SC. So in most cases I would say provide both. BUT Text input on mobile is a ...

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