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This seems to me a bit overcomplicated. Maybe I am missing some point, but I rather would use a multiple navigation sidebar. I find this solution super easy to navigate with a very clear feedback about user position. download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups


When the item is being dragged, the panel could hide itself or move out of the way. Check out these demos from Codrops for inspiration. (Your interaction would be the opposite of most of these, but the principle is there.) Or, the panel could be on the top or bottom on mobile, instead of the side. This might be even more effective if the content is ...


The reliance of your users on the current project and the frenquency at which switching project occurs is going to dictate the design chose here. At first glance this one works best. The space remains manageable and should allow you to make it work for more desktop/tablet screen sizes. This is however very dependant on the content of the tasks as well, if it ...

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