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In addition to the "it depends on the app" answer, i'll throw in this: "It depends on the user's preference". Therefore, if you want to really impress users, allow the option to do all 3. But of course this means more work. Also, you should consider if the side menu is something that you'd expect users to keep open more often than not. If so, then perhaps ...


It depends on your application. Will you be using any information on the table when doing something on the sidebar? If so, I would go with Method A (with or without transparency). It also seems to be best practices for a few style guides (check Google's Material Design for Navigation drawer at


You could split them into Categories with the use of Chips just like Google Play Store does. Take a look at the screenshot below. How this helps is, that it removes any element of horizontal swiping. Since your question consists of Tabs, it is possible the user is confused to swipe between tabs which are swipe-able and bottom navigation which is not. ...

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