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There aren't any studies on 'quick' carts that I can find, however, it is well documented that speed is essential for website users. Load times are a good example here. A lot of users will abandon sites if they take too long to load. (https://blog.kissmetrics.com/loading-time/) With this in mind, one could assume that a quick, load in-place cart that allows ...


Many e-commerce sites provide redirection including popular sites like Amazon, Flipkart But I think instead of redirection the idea of pop-up or slide-in is really cool!! You can see the pop-up implementation in SnapDeal and I don't think there's anything against this approach. Checkout the snapshot: Hope this helps!!


Delicate problem this one. On one hand a user have supplied information that enables you to display shipping cost. On the other hand, the user is moving backward in a process, possibly seeing information (shipping cost) that wasn’t there on the last visit. The same goes for a user having an account where she has provided shipping details, which would enable ...


If you're able you should do it. Everything to assist the user in any way possible. It will reduce frustration, cognitive load and it will enhance the user experience, simply because they'll have to do less (which is remembering what the actual price was with shipping costs). I assume they also don't have to fill in their address for the second time when ...

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