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After the blog article text would be a suitable placement. I see absoultely no reason why a user would commit to sharing an article without reading it first. It's like watching the opening credits to a film, pausing it - then asking the audience to write a review. Intersecting the content flow would, in my opinion, further reduce the chance for the user to ...


Rather than detracting from the reading experience, could you have a prompt for sharing either on the left or right of the article? I'm not a fan of this approach as it can have issues for the UI, especially in JS disabled environs etc. however it keeps the article free from clutter, doesn't interrupt the reading process and allows sharing from any where in ...


If you plan to build an iOS App for your service, there's a good chance that Apple App store may reject it for lacking a "Flag inappropriate" content feature. My app which allows users to upload content was just rejected for this reason. Apple wants to see a flagging/report feature for User Generated Content.

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