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I think it depends what you're trying to do; as @Xabre said, without knowing what you're trying to do, it's hard to help you. At the most generic level, you should follow Facebook's sharing guidelines: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/sharing/best-practices


The importance of those numbers is directly related to Social Proof. It validates the quality and relevance of the content by showing other people's interest in it. Quoting Smashing Mag: This principle tells us that we like to observe other people’s behaviour to judge what’s normal, and then we copy it. This article talks about this and other ...


If I understand correctly, a simple "seal of approval" is actually rather detrimental to the idea of user centered design, and especially to the practitioner's merit. Any approval (or disapproval) should be met with rationale; that is how one raises awareness and illustrates skills needed to achieve good products. You can't put that in a stamp. If a Human ...

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