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I'd try taking a look at the sharing options for Google Drive items and Dropbox items. Google drive allows for full sharing, view only, and view and add comments - It also allows for sharing between individuals, groups, and the general public. From memory I think Dropbox has a fairly similar system to the Google setup.


I think there may be 2 ways of handling it. Option 1. Word the permission in such as way that it would not need to change state. e.g. [ ] User must change password after a password reset Option 2. Tie the checkbox directly to the one-time action so it's obvious that it will only affect this specific instance e.g. download bmml source – ...


You can create two state control, one for the time before the request to change password was issued (or after it had changed), and second is upon the selection of the option and while request is pending. Animating the transition will be nice and make it even more clear. download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups

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