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I interpret your question to be the following - if that's wrong, forget this post :-( Why are all settings put into one single dialog, with a left side navigation, instead of providing a menu structure which allows to open (amodal) windows for different kinds of settings (e.g., viewing preferences vs. file locations, "diverse functional groups" in @tohster ...


There are many reasons why UX designers make this choice A few observations: Settings are usually "out of flow" from the main app. For example, a music app's main flow is selecting and playing music. Settings like file locations, album artwork settings, and themes are not in the main workflow of the app. Settings are visited less frequently, which means ...


I also prefer 3, and I would make sure to put the notification after the enabled parent page before the disabled child page. That way users know to click on it, but are prevented from trying to click on the disabled one.


I prefer 3. The reason is that if you have a couple of greyed out settings, displaying explantory text can become confusing or dazzling to inexperienced users. It is logical that they will try to tap the greyed out setting, in order to try turning it on. The nessecairy information will apear as needed, without overwhelming them. If you are concerned that ...

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