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A simple inline badge doesn't take up that much room and would be easier to understand than icon or just directly using color. This allows you to scale should you have a very deep inheritance model. Also because the "Value" is inherited, you might want to show it as regular text to emphasize what the user can edit. download bmml source – ...


The approach described by sc911 is certainly worth considering. Another option would be to just make use of colour as an indicator. Below is a quick mock-up I did to show one way you could do this: Of course, the colours you use will depend on your overall design and scenario, but you get the idea.


I can imagine of two possibilities: you could show a little icon before each value indicating if its an override or not or, depending on how the overrides are created, you could show the original values in a disabled text box and give the user an option to create an override (for example by providing a check-box next to the value or by providing a "add ...

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