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I would suggest to use down-to-earth terms. Something along these lines. How can we make sure users LOVE our software? Ultimately, every company has to ask this question. Because, they die if they don't. When people love an app/website, they share it with friends, brag about it on Facebook, Twitter and, most importantly, stay devoted customers. How can we ...


Using professional terms and UX-lingo does rationalise and help illustrate the design process, but unfortunately also means that you need to explain these, to stakeholders. From what you wrote it sounds like you first need to get them onboard, before submitting any project proposals or such. A lot of mid-to-senior executives still think UX is about visual ...


An alternative term could be User Centered Design. To paraphrase this article from A List Apart: UX refers to the "what" and User Centered Design refers to the "how". It seems appropriate if he's trying to describe the processes behind UX.

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