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The radio buttons are better associated with uniqueness of the selection than the tabs. However, I would use none of your options but move the delivery option to the last page just before the user places his order. Currently, you mix the user details with the order details which is confusing. Also, you have only three options now, take in account that ...


I don't think that there should three options to choose from in either UI option. Implicitly there are two options for a user in that they can either have their package delivered or they can pick it up in store. I'm also assuming that the information a user would need to enter would be different for an in-store pickup in comparison to a delivery. My ...


Tabs idea is bad. We went from "I could have a drop down but it feels outdated" to having three big tabs. Users will wonder what is hiding behind each tab. But I guess it will be the same content on all three tabs? It isn't really clear if the text I enter in one tab will be present on the next.. This is how users think of tabs: I think your first solution ...


Your first option is well resolved. It may need some visual work, but it's very clear about its intentionality, without the shadow of a doubt. As for the second, maybe it's a wireframe thing, and that's why it looks a bit "iffy". However, it's a very common and established pattern. It connects with the old filing systems, Rolodex, address books and even ...


I definitely like the first option the best. The second one, although it looks nice, it kind of gives the appearance that there will be a different form for each delivery option. Also, if you don't like the radio button, you could use a different visual indicator, such as a green check mark.


I would use a different bolding (as you did) but posting the information below the city to make it stand out from the heading city. Like this: download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups It would also be rendered better on mobile devices since the columns doesn't have to be that wide as in your suggestion.

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