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I have been thinking about this 'how come we still use the wheel 10,000 years after its invention?' type question for a couple of years now. The drop down list so old fashioned, and oldskool, that I wonder why this particular aspect of web design and User Interfacing has continued without deprecation. It seems to me that most of the web design world has ...


Check my solution... some simple changes.


If I understand the question correctly, and using the example of your mockup: you're wondering the best way to present the user with the choices of Apps, Games, Movies, Books and Newspapers? users can only submit one form at a time (i.e. they can't select 'Books' and 'Newspapers' and submit both together. Have you considered using tabs instead? Assuming ...


You Can Either Use A List Box 1.In Which You Can Add Check (Select) Functionality or Check (Select) on Long Press Functionality 2. Add Provide Floating Action Buttons For Add and Remove Functionality in your app i guess that would be a better option

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