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The buttons inside a group are called "toggle buttons". I don't think the list has a standard name, though. Perhaps call it "toggle button group"?


I like this approach. When you have less than 5 options for users to select from, radio buttons or checkboxes are a good idea. I think you can design this interface similar to the wireframe and the front end developer will know what to use.


You should focus first on the functional requirements, not the visual appearance as that's easily changed with CSS. There's two specific input elements that provide exactly the functionality you describe, radio and checkbox. Radios are for selecting one option from many in a list, while checkboxes are for selecting one or several options in a list. From the ...


Button Group would be the most commonly used term, in my experience, for what you are describing and illustrating.


Assuming I'm understanding the situation correctly, I will propose a few options 1) the best interface, is NO interface.. by detecting the browsers user-agent, you can determine what type of system they are on (and POSSIBLY skip one of the tab bar selections). I understand that you may not be able to do this in ALL cases. It will be VERY rare that someone ...


Index would make sense as most users may begin to get familiar with that order as usage of the app increases. The select2 plugin offers a nice way for the user to zero in on a particular Pokemon they are looking for without needing to scan the entire list. I would say use index for consistency with the app. If you could style the list similar to how it ...

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