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As a user, I definitely want to verify that my filters result in the intended list. I want to immediately see what happens to the list when I change a filter. That's why the "Save Filters" function should appear on the filtered list (maybe only after the filters were changed). Then, you will also need a "Delete Filter" function somewhere. You might do ...


I would decide based on the chance of the user wanting to use the same filter as he did before. Now let's assume the user wants to filter the same way on different moments (if not, there is no need for a save function). You could also think of a third option. Why not remember the last filter (preferably with a cookie or something that doesn't need an ...


Why don't you give the user a button to save the current filter? That way the user sees whether the chosen filters give actual results and they won't be bothered with popups or overlays.

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