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Because there's so little value? The passenger doesn't have keys, so it's almost never useful. With keyless entry, even a keyhole is only valuable on the very rare instance that the remote entry has failed and you need to urgently get in, before you get the remote entry fixed. Remember how before keyless entry, only the front two doors had keyholes, but the ...


Google hangout has the same requirement as your application. You cannot do two hangouts at the same time. Yet Google does not shock the user by disconnecting the first call when a second call is attempted. Instead, you see an error message in the second call's window. Why don't you try the same approach?


On any site is is not ideal to break a user's expectations. As a user expects to be able to navigate the internet with tabs in their browser, you shouldn't break it.


You're looking at the problem from the wrong angle. A user could also open a different browser, or use a second device, which means you can't rely on the idea of opening tabs(and preventing it), nor on IP address. Your solution needs to be server-side. Signing them out would just annoy them. Either make it so your website show them the same game no matter ...


You can make fake links in JavaScript. Example: http://jsfiddle.net/Dkxj4/ These fake links will only execute the JS code you assign to them, and there is no "Open in new tab" option possible. So if there are only your fake links on the page you have complete control over what they will do. (You might also want to check the IP address to disallow someone ...

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