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For highly-structured content, like houses and appartments, the approach of leading user towards the desired result is more successfull strategy, compared to free-text search. And it's your task, as an designer, to build the appropriate UI for implementing this strategy. So that the UI will support the "don't-make-me-think" user flow. Let's compare the ...


You could also offer: Users who searched for X also viewed Y (NB - not the same as suggesting the other results that closely match the search query) like on Amazon once you have logged what people are searching for, you will be able to use Google key matches to suggest similar search terms


The thing about searching for a city is that there may be multiple cities with the same name, or containing the same string. So your search results need to enable the user to distinguish between Salem, Massachusetts, and Salem, Oregon... or between Cambridge, England, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Cambridge, Ontario (if it's international). Some of the ...


Ideally you should allow the user to enter what ever makes them comfortable, then you accept it, instead of return an error saying "sorry, please type it only this way." That causes problems, and being very picky about what you want is not the best experience. To settle this between you and your client, you should probably user test. If that's out of ...

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