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Option 1: Scroll the page and fix the details area. See this effect in action here and here, where the header is fixed to the top of the page when the content is scrolled beyond a specific amount. Option 2: Use the page's natural scrollbars to affect only the list. Similar to facebook newsfeed or timeline, where you can scroll the page using the page's ...


I get the feeling that the tabbed content on the right of your mockup is more important than the scrolling list on the left so why not use the gmail pattern of keeping the list of filters/labels fixed to the left (and they scroll independently as needed) In your example, I would assume the list on the left shrinks as the user filters/searches suppliers. ...


Adding a tap would require extra efforts from the user. Why make user to take such steps. Scrolling is synonymous to exploring without causing the pain. Plus when I look at other Ecommerce apps, scroll is used almost everywhere. Have a look at some of these Images:


As already mentioned in the comments to your question: Go with scroll! But never forget: Most people don't like to read a lot. So, if you can, try to keep texts short and easy to read too.


Your design should be able to better capture the features of touch devices. You can use a card sorting method for the page that would showcase each product tile. Look at other shopping apps out there. There are lots of apps that keep breaking down the view in such a manner that you're constantly drilling down for more product detail. I would suggest ...


This is a ripe opportunity for a type-ahead control. In cases where you have a large number of possible choices like this, it is more likely that the user already knows the answer. It would improve the usability tremendously if you let them input the answer and move on, instead of searching a very long list, which wastes their time. For web, I would suggest ...


So as stated in the edit, I was thinking of limiting list groups to a number of max number of items - let's say 10. To reveal all items the user would have to click a "Show all..." button: This seemed like a decent approach but then the problem is dealing with selected items that are hidden by default. E.g. if item#15 is selected, but the list displays ...

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