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I think being able to use landscape and portrait keyboards is a basic feature, and should be left to the user to decide what they prefer. I know users that use scaled landscape keyboards exclusively by necessity, due to the size of their fingers. If you want to reach a wider range of body types, keep both keyboards. Especially if the app is heavily focused ...


I think the better question is... Do your users want landscape mode? The one thing I will suggest is having the ability to turn off auto-rotate so I can always be in portrait mode if I want and the users who want landscape can use landscape.


Given the nature of this task I would offer a single text-area where the user can write or paste the emails separated by a space, a semicolon or both. Below the text-area there could be a greyed out sentence that counts the number of available emails allowed. If the number of email addresses exceeds the allowed amount, the text gets red and the sentence ...

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