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There are a lot of designs/applications using same approach: Example 1 Example 2 Don't you think your first column is too empty? You can simplify the layout a bit combining both ideas (tree & switch) and use only one tree or simplified accordion. Simplified tree Accordion Finally, there is a way to make this approach a bit more flexible: ...


The answer is to validate in each tier so that you always ensure data integrity. This protects you against the scenario where any of the prior tier validations were skipped. I can't stand when developers build methods that assume the data has already be validated. Let's take the following scenario where your tiers are: Client Server Service Database ...


Here is my solution for such a problem. Edit one group at a time. When you need to add more members, click to load overlay window which lists everybody but also shows you who has been added to the group already.


You could use that shuttle design you mentioned but to get around the scrolling issue, include a search box on the left side above the members list. This way, if you know the names of the people you want to add, you just find their name, press Enter, and move on. If the users are already in groups, you could show those groups in the left side list and ...

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