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Killing default behaviour is never a good idea. We humans are creatures of habit, and changing our personal workflows will most likely result in more questions than answers (and the frustration that comes with that). Adding to default behaviour might work, like adding a custom item in the context menu that is specifically for your own custom functions. But ...


Does the landscape mode offer a significant better user experience? If not, is it worth the effort and compromises? It's acceptable to restrict the app to portrait mode only.


I only fancy having the back button on the toolbar. As a user, it's hard to reach for the confirm/save button if it's in the toolbar. Isn't the whole of this screen to confirm/save? It should be placed in the area where it is easier to reach. A floating action bar perhaps? On the landscape view, the toolbar should still be placed on the top area. The ...


According to me, The toolbar should only contain the back button. Devices are getting taller and taller, so the save button on the top would be a bad User Experience for the user when he uses your App one handed. So I would go for a FloatingActionButton in Bottom|Right of the Screen I would also suggest a FloatingActionButton which would be hidden till all ...

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