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IMO, a responsive website hides no content and adds no content no matter what. It simply rearranges the content to fit on a screen better. If a webpage has location capability, why use it only on the mobile version? What if I'm on a laptop? When I use a website, I expect it to behave the same way no matter what I'm using it on.


responsive design isnt so much about rendering out different elements so they fit on a screen. responsive is about providing content and data for a user's behaviour on a platform do people really want mobile versions of websites which are completely different from their desktop counterpart? they want an experience that reflects their behaviour on ...


There is nothing saying you shouldn't have a print button on your mobile website, but it is not necessary. The browser the user is visiting your site from has every capability to provide the print functionality the user is looking for. If the user does not see the need to print from their mobile device, they aren't going to care about having that capability. ...

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