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I am going to propose using the term "dwell". Dwell refers to an interval where a mechanical motion pauses in a linkage that is in reciprocal motion, such as a piston. I think it fits because of the analogy between links, timing, and periodicity. It isn't a perfect analogy because interactions are not mechanical in nature and don't go on indefinitely.


It is certainly possible to slow a site down but it isn't possible to make every page consistently take the same amount of time to load. That said, here is the closest data I could find on how page loading speed affects users... Neuromarketing, Relaxation and Web Design ... Remember that people are happier to wait for a specific service that they ...


Don't slow down your page intentionally. Seriously... Don't. The average expected loading time of a page needs to be no more than 1s and that in itself is too long. If a page doesn't appear to be loading instantaneously, people will leave because nothing is showing up. Instead of attempting to get your fast pages to match your slow page, how about you do ...

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