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You're saying to the computer "Thanks, I got this". Manual override System override Override of automatic behaviour


This case is not exactly about 'waiting' and 'feedback'. In general, feedback should be immediate. The underlying issue is that an input event may or may not correspond to the user's intended action. There are a multitude of examples for such inconclusive inputs: The first in a double click event. Mouse-enter event on an on-hover element (where the mouse ...


You don't. You ask your users - either directly "How long do you think this should take?" or by letting then use the system and see whether they complain. What is acceptable can really differ depending on the context - I have no problem waiting for a bus for 10 seconds, it annoys the life out of me when it takes an app on my mobile 10 seconds to load. The ...


Use the system. As a software developer, you're used to using software, you'll quickly know whether your own system is frustrating to use because you'll start shouting at it. If you're shouting at your own software, it's too slow. Use a competitor's system. Is theirs better? If so, that's your target, but "acceptable" would at the very least be on the same ...

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