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There is "see" (conscious observation) and there is "feel" (subconscious signal) For example while 30 frames per seconds is the standard frame rate FPS for movies (33.33 ms between images) as this appears flicker free. However Android UI Project Butter set a target of 60 FPS (16.67 ms between images) because this provides "butter smooth" interactions. ...


Using this would indicate everything nicely. You can add this the for all sections that are taking time to load.


I agreed with Tory. Same icon for both. To add to that, if the loading is taking too long, you might want to allow the user to download the content in background mode. So user can continue their work...


I would suggest the same icon for both. By using the same icon, you are keeping consistency within the same operation. If the user is performing the same action, the feedback for that action should be the same. Though a progress indicator would be nice, the key is that the user is given feedback that their action has been registered, and is being ...

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