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You can search the researches of different people related to User experience and Usability on below mentioned platforms, 1. Google Scholars 2. Google research 3. ACM library You can also checkout international conferences old websites like, IndiaHCI, APACHCI etc.


Great question but hard to nail down The closest thing I've found to The Ultimate Guide to UX Research is UX Stack Exchange itself because of how adaptive, real-time, vibrant, happy, fun, positive and active this community is. ☻ One of my favorite things to do on UX Stack Exchange is browse the history of older questions and answers. The types of ...


Have you tried http://scholar.google.com/? It's my go-to place for serious academic research papers.


I've been surprised with how versatile OneNote can be in storing spec info, files, long form text, images, etc. You can have todo's, stars, questions, etc. It's fully searchable, you can create links, has paging/grouping capabilities and supports multiple users editing at the same time (though I don't think you can see realtime changes), with some basic ...

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