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Use the User-Agent property of the HTTP Request Header http://www.w3.org/Protocols/rfc2616/rfc2616-sec14.html#sec14.43


Well, first, calling your users stupid probably isn't the best way to begin the research. Second, most people with any experience in this industry will know it's extremely easy to pull that info from an analytics report or a simple bit of JavaScript code. Good luck.


I'm an employee at Freshdesk and here is how we have designed the resources page and I personally like the design very much. With subtle changes to the same design you can have a resource library that can have any number of resources. Following are the minimum things that require to design a large resource library Search User should be able to find the ...


Using your name on profile makes sense but you can't use it to other situations e.g it would be very strange if you see "Joe's Profile" "Joe's Settings" and "Joe's Payments". It doesn't make sense For example "My Payments" makes more sense than "Joe's Payments" Profile is something personal so that is why most of the time, it is combined with your small ...


My humble opinion on this topic after some research. Using a users name jumps in the eye. There is a marketing strategy called 'emotional content'. The strategy makes use of words that create empathy with the reader. In this strategie some words are considered very eye-catching (like 'free', 'money' or even 'sex') I don't know in how waterproof the ...


Your first source of data is existing academic and professional research. For example, one source might be: http://dl.acm.org. To access research databases, you may normally need a membership in an educational or professional organization. However, many libraries fund free online access to the databases. For example, my local library's page for that is ...


The words have a totally different meaning actually, and using queries to talk about searches, would make it look like 'googling' is actually 'finding'. When you search for something, you have some sense of what it is your are looking for, with querying you can go ahead and say that you will accept what you get as true. In that respect, for a database ...

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