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The "normal" HTML components appear differently from browser to browser, so if anything, Bootstrap would make a multi-devise user more comfortable than stock elements. Moreover, testing the individual UI elements of the framework would be rather pointless, since trying to grade individual elements outside of the larger context of what the screen - or the ...


You could always incorporate a snap-to-value slider at low resolutions. It's a lot easier to work than 7 small buttons. download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups


I've been replacing most radio buttons with button groups lately. I find dropdowns are just plain unintuitive on a touch screen. You said you have already done this, and I agree it is the best solution. Just give consideration for vertical flowing on small devices. If you still have trouble with people picking them, make them bigger, or consider ...


Instead of presenting the user with 7 radio buttons, I would suggest using a dropdown. A reference for mobile would be the Apple HIG - "Consider using a pop-up menu if you need to display more than five items."

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