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Firstly, and unfortunately for you, I don't think the client has unreasonable expectations. What failed is the conversation between you and the client that voices those expectations. Most likely the client didn't know what they needed to ask for, which is where your expertise is supposed to come in (as the provider of development services). I might be wrong ...


Your situation is one most designers/developers have gone through once (at least some kind of disagreement with a client). So don’t worry! This is a typical example of what’s so important about good communication between you and your client. Not just to get clear what your client wants, but let them be aware of where their wishes come from and what ...


I hate to sound patronising when I respond on StackExchange, but I have to say - you sound too inexperienced to be in this kind of situation with a client. You're asking questions that web developers should know (i.e. the basics of responsiveness). You're including "incorrectly" in a quote as though it's not the case. The fact is, it is incorrect, and yes ...


go for responsive website design. Responsive design will solve the problem that you are facing. GOOGLE responsive and you will get many articles. Read them and learn the trick.

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