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At an abstract high level, Requirement Gathering still works, i.e. it doesn't specify how you will gather/discover the requirements nor the process. However, I agree with you that it does not exactly match what we do. I doubt we can come up with an alternative which will go on to become an UX industry terminology.


Simple answer: No. Longer answer: The "Requirements Gathering" stage is not about formulating a solution. It is about gathering together the requirements that any proposed solution must satisfy in order to be considered successful. It's like finding out what kinds of food your friends prefer before you look for a restaurant to book. You can then use ...


Term "Gathering" suggests that the requirements are already existing, and one just needs to collect them through some means. I guess user/product requirements also already exist, in that there are several possible solutions to meet what the user's expectations are, and you just need to collect them through some means. A good product is not built ...


It is quite accurate description of a process of collecting the things that are needed: requirement (n.): "things required, a need" gathering (n.): "an assembly of people, act of coming together," gather (v.) "unite, agree, assemble; gather, collect, store up" I don't think hypothesis formulation comes anywhere close to convey the true ...

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