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Put it to them this way: these days, the word "integer" gets taught at elementary level. Most people are going to know what it means. I do see their point for more technical terms though - if people aren't going to understand, you have a problem. A possible solution is to add a clickable question mark icon next to technical terms that produces a definition ...


If the majority of the advanced search users are familiar with the difference between "Integer" and "Decimal". (And will I recommend you perform a quick user test to confirm this assumption.) Then consider putting in a small thing to explain terminology for the minority. download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups It's ...


You have a particular set of skills, as does marketing. You're concerned about the twenty percent that gets it, and they're concerned about the other eighty percent. The two perspectives are complementary. I wouldn't assume that your users know their data types as well as a programmer or mathematician would. Why not use "number" with a single input, ...


I think marketing have a point. I'd invest in doing some initial face to face user research to actually understand what your customers want and what they understand.


What about labeling it "Whole Numbers"? Also I suggest an A/B-Test on this: One with "Integer", one with "Whole Numbers". Which performs better? Btw about question mark icons: I ran a usability test for my bachelor thesis. Findings: No one considered reading the question mark info, even though the answer to successfully ending a task was completely ...


You should say to the marketing team, that if the customers are attorneys they have the obligation of knowing what an integer and a decimal are, because a cause can be lost on a court, just from not having the right words proffered. In the Law and Rights area, the attention to the little linguistic details in the text is very important.

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