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As you have mention that in your page 20 reports are there so the best idea is to split your graph into similar category if possible. Like if report has category that consumer,Investors, Sales etc. Based on the category(s) make tab window in the same page so you don't need to jump on another page. After that arrange the graph based on most important first. I ...


Here are 2 links after a quick research with the keywords "Table UI"


We use Jira to manage our agile process, which means we can create new stories or defects or enhancements, and we attached our usability findings to them. This allows the team to assign severity and priority to what we raise. They can now be added to a particular sprint and can be assigned to a developer as a task. I have done the same thing using another ...


Google sheets have worked well for my team in the past. We listed each individual finding in a single row, making sure it describes a single item. Then in the following columns you'd include more details such as possible trade-offs, reasons that might have caused the issue, even ideas for improvements (as they often come during while you're testing). You can ...

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