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I love data visualisation and information experience design questions. Choosing an interactive visualisation to showcase your data is definitely a step in the right direction. We as humans, remember a lot from sight... visual and immersive content helps us understand or make sense of data we normally cannot digest. So should you really impress your ...


suggestion You could try a co-occurrence matrix with the teachers and the students as dimensions. If the subjects doesn't matter a cross/dot will decently show the connection and saves display space. example There is a nice example visualization of a co-occurence matrix, that shows the character co-occurrences in Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables. (See image ...


How about this? Will filters help? Is it expected to show student details or just the name is fine while mapping with the teacher? Share your thoughts.


Using a tabular format you could have the students down one side and teachers across the top (or vice versa, a view switcher option?) Students can find their name down the left, scan across to see their subjects and scan up from these to see their teacher. Also the cells could be split into multiple subjects if a teacher teaches more than one subject. (see ...


You can use Tabs for Teacher and Students and then display Subject/Teachers in a list view along with the students enrolled to that subject - something like this:


While forming a triple, you could have an "Actions" drop-down in the middle of the screen. One at a time, you could display selectable conditions or targets in a "cloud" around the selected action. If the items in these large sets can be compared to each other in some way, you could create a 2-dimensional mapping of them based on a dissimilarity matrix. ...

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