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Short answer: make it modal; the Sales Tax module is doing something systematically different than the Customer Order module. They should be displayed separately. So my company uses account management software that (as you would expect) has dozens of screens that do and show different account things. On several of those screens we're able to see ...


I love iMessage read receipts and typing status. They let me be sure when people have read things, and they mean I can read a message and, if it doesn't require a response, not respond, while letting people know that I've seen it. It's very useful for organizing logistics, and eases the pathways of conversation. On the other hand, I love that Tinder doesn't ...


I work at a place with very poor cell coverage. To know if a message actually made it to the other party is a crucial feature for me. Not because I want to know if they received/read it but because I want to know if I'll have to retry.

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