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Attach a Go Pro to the user's forehead or mounted just above and over their shoulder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BErJve5cHvk


So I finally found a viable solution. It took some tinkering though. I used a Livescribe 3 pen in combination with an iPhone device. The digital pen can send the data in real time to the iPhone, but it has a closed platform so we cannot use the data straight out of the app. What I did was connecting the Livescribe iOS App to Evernote, as it will send auto ...


If you're looking for theory, take a look to this Real Time Design Patterns paper by Bruce Douglas Else, if you're looking for visual aids, the Moves and WeightWatchers Apps are really good examples, since they do specifically what you mention. Also, you can take a look to these mobile patterns and notification patterns for ideas

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