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Have the user agree separately to each term and condition you specifically want them to be aware of: Label1 [Textbox] Label2 [Textbox] Terms and Conditions [Textarea] [] I will not upload any copyrighted material to this service [] I promise to be respectful to other users [] I am aware that all my usage data will be sold to the Russian mafia [Submit] By ...


There are not principles about breadcrumb dimensions, usually is the same of paragraph text. A good rule is to set breadcrumb dimension less than the primary navigation. To know more: 12 Effective Guidelines For Breadcrumb Usability and SEO


What about placing an expand/collapse button on every article? (Pardon the very quick and dirty mockups.) Or, less preview is more compact:


The only color associated with failure is red. Since it is not displayed well, I recommend you to find other ways to make the pass/fail easy to distinguish. You may try the following : Leave an empty line above and below the pass/fail. This will create whitespace and attract attention. Use symbols and text. This duplication of information increases the ...


You could switch to using a tick vs a cross - then of course you're helping out green / red colour blind people too. (courtesy of slightly modified sweet alert) Update: the other method for doing this is to only list the fails, either before or after the list. F Test 1 FAIL Test 11 F Test 111 FAIL Test 1111 Test 11111 F ...


Red is the standard color for error, so I think you ought to stick with that. But there are a few things you could do to help readability. Use the text background color if you have control of that. You could make the background red or green, and the text white (or another combination that works well). This has the advantage of highlighting the result ...

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