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The way that I have seen color variations in text (black to grey) used on sites has been primarily to help the end-user visually sort the Information Architecture of the content they are trying to digest. This is commonly seen on forum boards where the post text is of a dark nature (usually from around rgb 0,0,0 to 70,70,70) as a means of saying "this is ...


This frustrates me too. I think its proliferation stems from multiple sources. One of them is this idea that one should "never use black." This is an old concept in the world of art history but Ian Storm recently wrote an article about it as a "design tip" that has circulated widely on the web (there's also a lively discussion on Hacker News). He makes ...


Horses for courses... web is not the same as print. This from UrbanFonts:


I'd suggest an experiment in long-form, where you set the same text using different types and discover which best suits your use case, your design, and perhaps which progressively enhances into a webfont if you require that. With tools like codepen you can quickly iterate on different fonts and font-sizes. On this codepen I've done so, but with webfonts: ...

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