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Well if you want to remove reader bias, you can try feeding all of the responses into a word cloud generator. That way keywords will stand out. And perhaps there's enough there for you to spot trends within your responses.


Unless you have a large budget, alternatives to having a person (or group of people) parse the data are potentially complex and unreliable. Card Sort a Folksonomy Card sorting is a simple technique in user experience design where a group of subject experts or "users", however inexperienced with design, are guided to generate a category tree or ...


What you have mentioned is a pretty sensible way of going about it. Also, it depends on how your other system / site messages are shown to the user. You need to be consistent. Why do you want to show the copy of content that is visible? Intuitiveness and confirmation is okay, but beyond that what is the reason? Instead I would recommend the new content to ...

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