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Configuration 2 Configuration 1 and 3 will fail!! Reasons: Consider if I tick all the answers in the multi-choice question, I will get the full marks in case of Configuration 1 and Configuration 3. So they will fail!! Only configuration 2 is perfect as the user will tick only if he knows for sure.


From my standpoint the whole reason to use multiple answers is to create a harder question. Open answers are the hardest question types since they need more precision about the answers. However, evaluation of these questions are hard for machines. if you have to bind multiple selection type of questions and if your aim is to make the question harder, ...


This is an interesting question, and I think you should also consider the answer from a learning/instructional design perspective rather than just the user's perspective. Configuration #1 suggests that there is only right and wrong answers and nothing in between, therefore the questions will need to match this philosophy. I think it applies quite well when ...

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