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Agree with first answer. The key is to show that the data will be kept private vs public. I have seen it done by Having separate sections for public and private data. Eg email address. Birthdate etc in private sections


The problem with a lock is that is also used to depict a secure connection (HTTPS). Many browsers use the lock for HTTPS. A symbol is effective if is used consistently. Have a link to your security policies and practices. Don't make a general statement your data is secure/safe as if you do get hacked then you have lied. Maybe a key symbol to identify ...


If you video users (webcam on top of screen) and use screen recording software with a 'screen in screen facility to record the two feeds together then you will have a recording of users facial reactions as they complete tasks. This will give you a broad brush guide to their emotional reactions from their facial expressions. Lots of stressed expressions ...


Not really on the question of stars, but on the difference between 1-7 (Likert-like) scales and like/dislike options: If you use the mathematical average for the 1-7 scales, there's no difference between the case where everyone voted 4 and the case where half voted 1 and half voted 7. So the 1-7 scales only benefit you if you also use (not necessarily ...

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