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Just throwing an idea out there. How about attempting something akin to a sales tactic, "And that's not all. For a limited time, we'll throw in XYZ," as a way of clearly stating this is a limited time bonus that'll expire after X days. This requires you to have various levels for your feature. You unlock it the first time you've complete a set. You get a ...


Depending on the feature you could add a button for that feature (e.g. Share with a friend, if that's the new feature) in your navigation / interface and when people click the button you can show them a message that the feature is currently not implemented but soon will/might be. You can then gauge how many of your users actually click this button, and see ...


Instead of surveying for a particular feature, ask about the pain point the feature should solve. A great question would be something like "What is the worst thing about our app?" And then give three options. Remember, users are crap about giving good suggestions about solutions, but nobody knows their problems more than they do.


An approach I have used in surveys before is the open-ended question 'If you could make one change to the application, what would you do?'. This doesn't bias the user and has produced some really useful data about user's own concerns without unduly influencing them. For numbers of respondents up to a few hundred, the workload associated with analysing the ...


You could always try asking your users to prioritize a list of 5 or 6 features - That way you're not asking "would you like to have X?" but "Which is more important to you U, V, W, X, Y, or Z?" There's still a little of the confirmation bias there but you're also asking the user to trade off one feature for another and so reducing the effect of the bias.

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