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I've enjoyed both the book and workshop by Nir Eyal on creating habit forming products. The Trigger-Loop model has some great uses that could complement your UX toolkit. I think that the Hooked model is not often mentioned in UX lectures because that model is more aligned with strategic product conception and planning, while UX, in general, is perceived as ...


It's a great model that is backed up by real evidence and research. However, the model itself hasn't (to my knowledge) been scientifically tested and the Hook model itself hasn't undergone a peer review like published scientific papers would have.


Usability is not the same as habit-forming The Hook Model is about building products that are habit forming. That is different from building products which satisfy user needs. For example, a toilet brush has been designed carefully to satisfy user needs (for cleaning toilets)... ...but this product is not habit forming because users don't need to, or ...

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