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You can test your prototype in a number of ways: You could create a cliackable prototype for qualitative tests using something like Invision and then ask test users to complete specific tasks (like "Find out about weekend breaks in Paris") without guidance whilst telling you what they are thinking as they use the prototype. Alternatively you could run ...


The interface of balsamiq has two main functions: 1 - Stop you from fiddling You won't spend time doing unnecessary things. If there's no option for color or rounded corners, you won't worry which shade or radius to use. 2 - Communicate that it's a sketch. Of these menu mockups, which is more likely to receive comments about the M not being the ...


I think the goal of prototyping is to get feedback on designs as quickly as possible. If it takes as long to produce a prototype in a tool as it does to actually code it, then the prototyping tool has failed. Balsamiq's primary audience is low fidelity prototyping with basic linking for showing flow of screens. When showing this to users for feedback, you ...


Its simple. Two basic stages of product design process are Low/High fidelity prototyping (Mainly UX) - Used to test with people and ensure there is nothing missing out in the prototype or If something needs to be changed Final Visual Design (Mainly UI) - One the requirements have been freezed, prototype been tested, you might shift to Sketch and detail ...


Sketch is for wireframe, visual design and vector design. Axure is for wireframe, design and clickable prototype. Choose based on requirement.


I use both. Sketch for designs. Axure for prototyping.


You could split them into Categories with the use of Chips just like Google Play Store does. Take a look at the screenshot below. How this helps is, that it removes any element of horizontal swiping. Since your question consists of Tabs, it is possible the user is confused to swipe between tabs which are swipe-able and bottom navigation which is not. ...


When I started learning how to do wire-framing to one of the app that I was designing " Healthy eating for diabetic patients" I tried several application. I am using windows and I can summarize my experience as follow : Using windows You can use [Balsamique] for Low-Fid wirframe or sketching out an Idea of the app. 1 Photoshop CC for High-Fid, mockup ...


Every tool has its advantages and disadvantages. I suggest you visit this site, and choose from there. There you can choose your tool depending on your project needs, and it has great reviews of the wireframe tools. Basically, Balsamique, invisionApp are the most famous in my opinion.

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