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That is marketing term, not usability one! I think this is marketing term, and the guys are trying to market themselfs for a long used technique with the name of low fidelity prototyping. Really lame idea that is designed to fool the unknowledgeable ones or maybe the author itself does not know about low fi prototyping. I saw "academic article" which ...


I'm a heavy user of both Axure and InVision. Axure is the industry standard for building clickable prototypes because it will do anything you can think of if you have enough patience. For the examples you've given - building interactions based on dropdown options and hover states it's a very strong choice. InVision works differently in that you use ...


I have used these tools before therefore I would recommend using them for wireframing and prototyping. Wireframing Sketch Balsamiq Mockingbird (Free) Framebox (Free) Prototyping FramerJS Flinto (iphone) (iphone) Marvel


Nice design. I prefer the first one. Users usually read in a top-down manner, resembling a F shaped. Its easy to miss the content located on the left at a glance. The first design gives me the impression that my content is easily accessible without shifting my eyes too much. The third design looks a bit busy and heavy to me. Is there a reason why you have ...

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