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Some general comments about your design: You are using a progress bar to show something that is decreasing (time left) not for something that is progressing/increasing (e.g. installing something). If you use a standard progress bar that could be quite confusing. Unless you try to make a little design change to the progress bar with a kind of inverted ...


This is pretty much the same as the guage recommendations above but a little more spread out to facilitate at-a-glance consumption.


You're trying to solve a two-dimensional problem with a one-dimensional visualization (well, technically two, but only one dimension reflects your data, so that's what counts for this purpose), it's not an easy thing to do. Your two dimensions are the length of the task and the percentage completed. There's plenty of common 2D data visualization techniques. ...


It may not be possible to have a linear relationship between time and length of the progress bar, hence it is good to break down time into weeks, days, mins and seconds and show each in a box. Like if time left for Task 1 is say 120010 seconds, then actual time left is 1 day, 9 hours, 20 minutes and 50 seconds, Then show one box for day and label the box ...


To late to the party, but Scott Williams already provided you with my answer. I just took the time to build a small mockup: It would also give a visual indication how long each task is running/needs to run in comparison to each other (based on how many ticks are displayed)


The 1st illustration is perfectly fine. I would recommend putting increments, small ticks every 15min or 1hr, on the time bars. What do you think?


This a common case in a complex workflow or process, which can be solved with progressive disclosure, like:- Initially show all parent tasks with their progress indicated and also childs status with notation like 2 off 5 childs is comleleted (indicated by showing 2/5). For more detail user can always expand a parent task to get sub-task details which in ...

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