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Generally people do not have long sequential forms on a mobile device. However since the mobile is becoming feature rich in all aspects it is natural to expect that from mobile. @tohster has provided exact solution of how wizard can be implemented in mobile. You might want to consider few changes which may free up your real estate further. These are in ...


I think having sub-steps within a wizard with a progress tracker is not desirable but achievable as long as the pattern used to depict progress is different for main steps and sub-steps. That being said, you could reduce form complexity and increase ease of use by: Capturing information about users in a profile section before they are asked to go through ...


Use design prioritization to simplify the layout. The top priorities might be something like: User must know what stage she is on. User must know where she is in the overall process. So a few resulting possibilities are:


I definitely recommend going with colors & possibly also icons for the various stages in your workflow, especially if you're going to refer to these same states/stages in multiple screens on your app. For example, if you're going to want to list down all the schools along with their respective states, you may want to consider an interface like this one ...

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