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Why not try an hour glass? Almost everyone understands how an hour glass works, even small children, and it seems to fit your situation unique. The user has an particular amount of time which is represented by the amount of sand in the top half of the hour glass, and as the user consumes that time, the sand moves from the top half to the bottom half, with ...


Progress indicator helps to answer the following questions - what part of the whole task done? how far am I from my goal? how fast am I going to my goal? 'Consumption' indicator should help to answer the following: how things are going relatively to highest possible mark? should I do better or can I go slower? If above is what you mean about showing ...


Animation Have stripes on the progress bar that are animating to right (presuming your reversed-bar is right aligned). This will give the perception that the bar is moving in that direction, or decreasing. Here is an example:


What about a clock? Most people should associate this with the concept of "time consumed".

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