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Neither approach If possible, settings should be on one page, and you should not have to re-enter your password. There are several ways to do this. Here are two: In the second approach, the password form is hidden and is displayed when the user wants to change the password.


This depends on the level of security you require. Perhaps you can conditionally require the password depending on which fields the user has altered?


I think @tohster answer covers photo usage quite well. So my answer will expand on the subject from a different angle. There are numerous examples of profile photos used within ERP and enterprise solutions in general. For example: Microsoft outlook uses senders photos in email headers and that looks like the mock-up below: Another example could be ...


Yes! (but it's not what you think) Let's start with the downside of using profile pictures: Visually they can really clutter up lists and layouts. They are not terribly communicative. For enterprise applications a name is a lot more functional than a picture. You have to figure out how to get users to upload photos without making it a hurdle or an ...

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