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My rule of thumb is that I expect about 1/3 of participants to not show up (this doesn't count people who need to reschedule). Occasionally you get lucky and everyone shows up, occasionally you get unlucky and have a horrible no-show rate. There are some items that impact my 1/3 no-show rule-of-thumb: The more difficult that the group of participants is ...


The usual and simplest way is to take more testers than what you need, to compensate for the missing ones. Once you have all the ones you needed, cancel the others. Easy.


Whether or not an accordion form is appropriate will depend on the purpose of the form. Luke Wroblewski did some user testing with accordion forms and found that they didn't increase the number of people successfully completing the form (compared to single page or multi-page alternatives) but also noted that they didn't have a negative influence either. ...


My opinion is that there shouldn't be an exception process. There should be a set of patterns or components or what have you that are the first go-to resource, but a UX designer should be able to make exceptions as needed for whatever purpose that it makes sense to do so. Later, said exception should be added back into the pattern library as an alternative ...

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