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Better way for distinguishing would be using different set of image/icon to represent whether user is using desktop or handheld device. Similar to facebook app which shows whether user is login from desktop/web or phone device.


If your use case is POS, what terms apply to that context? In my past the terms were cash wrap and on the floor. You could also use 'counter' vs 'mobile'. It gets tricky when you may have one device (a tablet) that can be docked at the cash wrap or carried around the store.


It would be hard to convince me that you would ever want to display the price as the "option" when choosing shipping, the primary reason being that the "description" of the shipping option is always (in my experience), the unique identifier for the type of shipping that you are requesting. If you consider the most common traits for shipping options, there ...


I'm quite surprised no one has suggested Stationary Vs Mobile. Stationary Not moving or not intended to be moved http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/stationary


If there is enough space, I would present them the options with all the details visible. Another otion is to predent them in a dropdown. Both suggestions below:


Commonly, what primes over price is what you're paying for. On that note, I would recommend explaining the type of service you can get and make the price secondary, i.e. "Receive it tomorrow (+$12)"

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