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I´m missing some context. Is the space retail? Are the stairs an escalator, or are they static? The use of promotional material at POS and Out of Door tends to be either a five second informational burst based on your users journey times or a series of images and information pieces subject to differing parallax treatments. The best examples I´ve seen are ...


Your friend is probably right Assuming you actually want people to view the content, that's one of the worst places in the room to place a TV display. You not only have a staircase with (presumably) two-way traffic, but also a blind hairpin turn where traffic coming in and out of the main doors rounds the corner to climb the stairs. Adding a visual ...


I'd put them at the right if you must choose. Unless you really need to filter your data to make sense of it, I'd tuck it out of the left-gutter view most people scan with. I've also has some really interesting usability sessions that suggest filters/search are confusing for non-techy people whom may rather just scroll. This all depends on the size of your ...


If the table is the only element displayed on the page, filters should be in a right or left column. and for tablet/mobile, just above the page title.

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