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The cut out of a radio is a standard size. Slightly wider than a finger is about 6 buttons. In the old day the manual button really moved a dial.


Even if there was no usability relevance in it, the external on/off WiFi button falls in the realm of psychological comfort and still contributes to improving the user experience. No matter how abstract technology gets, people will always be tactile beings. We need to touch and feel the surroundings, so that they become real in our mind. Especially with ...


This all boils down to what information an indicator needs to convey and how practical it is to make one that conveys it. In the old mechanical days, it was always more practical to make the dial-type for everything (clocks, voltmeters, speedometers etc.) In the digital world, it's more practical to make them solid-state numeric. Do we still need dials? In ...

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