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It is possible that this was a bar-code scanner that would identify the product. A blind acquaintance of mine had a bar code scanner, but I don't remember ever seeing the device, so I can't say if it was a black box. I just can't imagine any other reason a blind person would be aiming a black box at a supermarket item.


There is an alternative side to the discussion which doesn't seem to have been addressed as-of-yet. Theres an old saying among the hotel industry that goes "Dirty rooms, dirty minds". It's the same principles as Wilson and Kelling's Broken Windows theory, in that a dirty room is likely to encourage poor guest behaviour. Substantially. So essentially, the ...


Details to include: Name (perhaps in the format "title known-as family-name", e.g. Ms Yvonne Aburrow) * Job title Company Contact details - email address, mobile number, landline number (phone numbers in international format if you have an international audience) Postal address (optional) * See also Putting names on international business cards in a ...


One possible simple solution for print would be to embolden the name by which the person would prefer to be addressed. That would solve the problem of given name and family name being displayed in a different order, and would cover most of the cases listed in your post. An electronic version would require a much more detailed treatment, with some or all of ...

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