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Is this terminology for your usage, or will the user see this as well? If this is for you, I would call the person using the app the "user", as usual. If this is for the enduser, I would refer to the user as "you" The "others" I would refer to as "contacts" or "friends".


Just get started Nothing is constant in the market: Your personas will change over time. The key is to start putting personas to work in your product now, knowing that you'll have another group to address tomorrow. As you assess interview findings, the majority groups will surface. There's always more nuance to be discovered, but don't let "paralysis by ...


Like many things in UX, it depends on your solution and how you are creating your persona, e.g. are you researching real users or basing them on roles or job titles? Alan Cooper's book "About Face 3: The Essentials of Interaction Design" devotes a whole chapter to persona and the persona creation process (Chapter 5 Modelling Users: Persona and Goals). He ...


This phrase occurs again and again in UX: "It depends" It's really dependant on the number of personality facets you need to align to and the depth you want your service to appeal to. You don't need a Persona for each personality trait. Personality traits can be combined into a single persona. I've worked with as few as two to as many as seven.

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