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Alan Cooper, the inventor of Personas, says while Provisional personas are not ideal there may be valid reasons why you cannot do the research that is needed to create them (cost, time, etc), however they still have some value and can help you test assumptions. This is all detailed in his book 'About Face 3' and he dedicates a whole Chapter 5 to the subject ...


No. That's the honest answer. What you describe is not a real persona. In the real world, you aren't the first to be forced into cutting corners. To underscore the lack of real world research, an honest person would call these "provisional personas". That also has the benefit of implying that they should be updated as soon as real research is viable. ...


I guess it depends on how you go about creating Personas. Alan Cooper is credited with coming up with the persona concept in his book 'The Inmates Are Running the Asylum'. In his later book 'About Face 3 (Chapter 5)', he describes the process of how you go about creating a Persona (you generally perform a lot of research and analysis which he describes in 7 ...


We recently did a high level journey that crosses multiple personas and then had "drill down " journey at the persona level. Those Journeys had even further drill down because the journey can reflect a switch in mental models.

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