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Basically you only have three input fields - where the user only needs two. First, I would add some short help - an explanatory text in a modal, a hover icon (see other questions and answers for that) - to explain what the difference in terms of cost is, but leave out the difference regarding the needed codes. I would make sure to keep it short, but ...


Of couse integrated payment form is better once you handled all possible cases like user payed, navigated back to enter more info on prevoius step and then navigated forward etc. It is not only about UX. Its about security, trust and technical problems. To accept payments inside your webside some security procedures have to be applied. For example PCI DSS ...


In a comment you wrote that payment is going to be carried out by PayPal, so just let the users log in with PayPal. Some websites are visited only after newsletter (users click link in email) if your site is like that you can create account using user's email and send links with login built-in.


For new users, you could make an account 'under water' by including the fields in the checkout process. You need their e-mail anyway (for sending them order feedback like subscription or order confirmation). You could generate a password and e-mail it, or let them choose it. At the beginning of the check-out process you can give existing users the ability to ...

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