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No matter where you go the user should know where they are, why they are there and to trust they are there. With large providers such as paypal or worldpay I dont see much of a problem as long as you warn the user before the event.


In my experience, making user leave your website at any point to a different site/third party is a big no no. Chances of that user coming back are slim. Having checkout process be a part of your website will, as was mentioned here earlier, keep your user at ease. Also it will allow for upsells, during the checkout. Plus a lot of these 3rd party payment ...


The reason why the design of your website should be consistent is familiarity, the user can apply his understanding of a part of the website to the rest, making using the website easier, especially for new users. But. Processing payments is fairly complex, and rolling your own here will be difficult for both you and your users, consistent or not. On the ...


It is certainly is mentioned in practically every set of usability rules going that consistency is important. Nielsen for example has 'consistency and standards' as a key heuristic. But as noted in the comments if a user is going to paypal for example then it adds a large element of trust that they may not have from a random e-commerce site. This also ...


Green Ticks will work best. Not only does it look decent but, also presents a color which has a neutral effect on the minds while still showing confirmation and assurance.

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