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I wouldn't display "No Tip" as an option in a list of tip amounts, that is a form of social pressure. To avoid social pressure, do not require the user to say yes or no, in this way by not taking any action, the decision is to not leave a tip. One idea might be to provide a button at the bottom when reviewing the total payment. "would you like to leave a ...


Tipping varies wildly between countries, and even between industries. I would suggest two alternatives: If possible, have the operator cofigure the menu according to his particular indusry's customs. Perhaps he could choose between placing the "No tip" item at the top or at the bottom (I think it's usually very inappropriate not to tip, or very uncommon ...


It looks like you can't do much to make this easier. If these are the only options you have than I would go for option 1 and leave it up to the seller to explain the tipping function. Your option #2 is misleading and #3 is confusing. Explaining the tipping function can be done in a very approachable way: Press the arrows to choose a tip if you will and ...


This totally depends on your culture. In some regions/countries, tipping is seen as normal whereas in other areas, tipping is totally up to the customers and not taken as an offend it a customer doesn't tip (some places in europe e.g.) So depending on your culture I'd go with option 1 or 2.


I personally like the table checkout at Chili's Restaurants. They use Ziosk. Once you've swiped your card, you're taken to a tip selection screen. If I recall correctly, 20% is selected by default. To not leave a tip, you have to move the slider to zero. You then click "Tip This Amount" to get to the signature step. I feel that making the tip selection an ...


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