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Yes - I've seen this here at It's actually got a very slick feel to it. There is a jquery plugin called cloud zoom from Professor cloud - You want the inner zoom option. This is what the website above is using.


Selecting, Zooming, and Panning You pretty much have the right ideas. The Windows User Experience Interaction Guidelines provide standards for this. For example, page 437 specifies: Single-left-click selects. Single-right-click opens the context menu. Double-click (left or right) selects and performs the default command. Single-shift-click (left or right) ...


Good question! The true solution will come from usability studies conducted on the device you are working on. However, generic best-known methods would indicate something in the following lines: Controls should not fade out. That would be the system taking over decisions (the decision to operate or not) from the user. You should go back to no blobs. This ...


1. Check with your users Depending on how large the data is that your users need to navigate and drag around could make all the difference between what feels right versus what feels clunky. You will need to test the offsets you come up with and possibly even let the users tweak them somewhere under advanced settings as what is too fast for me may be too ...


You could try the following idea. Click on zoom control or preview picture opens bigger image.


On the CHI2010 a group of researchers suggested a gesture named "Cyclo star", which consists of a circle gesture to initiate zooming. After the initiation you can just carry on "drawing circles" to zoom in, similar to operating a wheel. You can see it in this video its described and evaluated in a this paper: http:// ...


The fading out is good, I think. Otherwise you would need a way to get rid of the blobs. I feel that going back to no blobs on the third is confusing and unclear. Also, it takes another two clicks to get back to two blobs. On adding a third blob I would remove the first one, leaving you with two blobs - 2nd and 3rd. On adding a fourth we remove the 2nd and ...


I think most novice user audiences will require the interface. I still don't really know how to zoom out with click and drag.


I dont see why a spherical engine like KR-pano wouldn't solve the problem. With the options that are given by the XML-structure, you can manipulate the intire thing and have it your way. Although KR-pano is Flash-based on a desktop-computer, it gives you plenty of options to publish on iOS-devices and Android. You can see a view examples on my website. On ...

1 This is one of the best zooming tools I've seen. It works smooth as it is jQuery and is not heavy performed. I think zooming window position is customisable. I hope it works fine for you.

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