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Next goes forward because it's using a standard of pagination. You have pages of results and the pages are supposed to match how you would go through a book, so left to right. It's the same as if you had a table of data sorted by date order descending. The next page of results would give you older data but it's still the next page.


Use pagination by default and only switch to infinite scroll if Javascript is enabled. Consider that some users will have javascript disabled, and it'd be nice if your site worked for them too. Typically this is not the case when infinite scroll is the only option. However, you can make it work for everyone and just give the JS users a smoother ...


My previous UX designer and I just talked about this, in the discussion of which side should back/cancel and next/submit go, where he supplied this gem that should help answer your question: If the designers had built it so that 'next' indicates going back in time slightly, then the only ...


"Sortable results" and "partial display of results" do not mix, unless the sort actually does sort against the full data set (such that a reverse sort goes and gets item Z etc, rather than just sorting whatever subset of items happen to already have loaded.) A table column sort that only sorts the currently-visible items, rather than the full data set, is ...


I would put just one link below the table "Show next 100 records" and since sorting is usually done across the full data set, doing only current view sorting is not very common. I would put a note saying it only sorts current view of records..

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