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Here's my current solution: I chose to use pushpin icons instead of checkboxes. I use @Mart's suggestion to repeat the selected items at the top. I also like the suggestion to move the selected items to the top right away, but have not implemented this. The buttons with selection actions are visible only when at least one item is selected. I have set the ...


What about displaying the next page of results below the first page? Show the first 10 results, then have a "show next 10" button at the bottom. It loads the next "page" of results below the existing set. The context remains the same so you can maintain the selected rows. I've never seen this pattern before but I can imagine it working well.


I would repeat the selected items with their checked box on the top of the table when the user navigates to another page. This has the benefit of keeping them visible and allow the user to uncheck one of them any time. The drawback is when the user wants to select a lot of items, there isn't much more room for the paginated items. How to handle this ...


I would go with: Showing 16 of 16 results. Remember, the purpose of the label is to help the user. They don't care that it is tied to a paging control, so don't fall into the trap of thinking that you have to phrase the label within the context of a paging control. If there are not enough results to trigger paging, then the line above tells the user ...

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