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Depending on your situation, Steps can be dynamic, i.e. an answer in one step may increase or decrease the following steps. I tend to treat step UIs like a conversation between the user and the system, so by choosing your questions carefully can help you reduce the number of steps. Alternatively organise your steps vertically rather than horizontally by ...


Six steps is a long process to go through. So I'd have two suggestions. First, consider if the process can be shortened. Perhaps some steps are not essential or can be consolidated into a single step. Second, there's little benefit of trying to show many steps on a single screen. It produces unnecessary clutter, invites the user to skip some steps, and ...


Considering the fact that a user cannot skip steps or deviate in any way from the prescribed order, you only need show the current step and the total number of steps to allow the user to understand how long the process is and how far through they are. The kind of stepped sequence proposed on the site that you shared will only work for process with a short ...


Try using accordion steps if horizontal tabs are not fitting the screen width; many e-commerce websites like use them for checkout process. And the easiest front-end with jQuery

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