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Number all the items I have used numbers to customize the order of an otherwise alphabetized list which works well because it is still clear later on or even to newcomers. This also uses a minimal number of characters and can be used in combination with letters to create groups like so 1A dog, 1B cat, ... 5A jello, 5B cake, etc. The down side being that ...


Ω (Alt 234) will push an item to the bottom in windows file folders; I like it because it's intuitive.


You are not limited to these two options, really. First, let me clarify some confusion. Every session has an identifier used to match a particular browser with a set of data being stored on the server. That identifier has to be stored on a user's device somehow - using cookies or trans_sid. Note that the session.use_trans_sid approach uses the resource ...


The session is stored on the server whereas the cookies is stored on the user desktop. In the session, you have no way to retrieve the cart's information after the session is expired (generally 30 minutes at most). You will throw away 2 hours of Paula's time, who has struggled to choose that red shirt over the green one. Cookies's size and number are ...

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