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Alternatively– a you mention price as another "column"– you could integrate the sorting buttons into the list itself similar to a sortable table. Unless the objective is to enable sort hierarchies (e.g. by name, then price).


Taking as given that this is a necessary design element, then.... This classic "font-da mover" widget (as it was first seen by many of us), aka the list-to-list, has not radically changed in a while. Making it more contemporary, arguably "better," can be done by Drag-and-drop from list to list, instead of button actions. This will have to be rock-solid ...


You could do either, depending on how you want to present the information. Do you want to emphasize "normal" or are you trying to emphasize the "non-normal" condition? Users will tend to scan from left-to-right - placing the object you want emphasize to the left would make sense as a result. Because the "normal" condition is common across all tabs, you can ...

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