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No; it's uncommon and would lead users to thought that action has been already performed after mouseover, rather than indicate possibility of clicking. Also, note that volume control in vast majority of cases is under control of user and it's often the case it's just set to 0. I would suggest: Underlining, changing background, changing/emphasizing ...


Most systems do already have failure warnings in place - the trouble is that they can't tell is something is about to fail until it does and, even when they do know that something's wrong, they can't tell if it's going to be a problem to you or not. The failures you described sound like the power supply has died. If that is the case then the CPU will have ...


The ideal solutions have been mentioned already: User Interviews & Testing. However, if you must put something tangible out in the wild, you could consider running the A/B tests. One option has the technical change presented, while the other does not. Let the results speak for themselves.


It's for these problems that it's important to have some sort of User Research done and follow a Goal-driven design approach if possible. This will help you answer some questions like: How does the proposed feature fits in the design requirements? Is this particular feature implemented by someone else and if yes, how are people using it? How are they ...

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