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Disclaimer: I write this from a user's perspective, since I have really no clue about UX from a designer's standpoint. Don't use them unless you have a very good reason to do so. "awesomecompany.com" is the single most intuitive URL that "Awesome Company" can have (assuming a US or international company). Actually, it's the only intuitive URL. If I want ...


It's all about branding and how your visitors are going to reach your site. It seems like the majority of people just Google whatever domain they want to reach. I can only remember so many domains, just have a memorable name. So if Google indexes divi.vision the same way it indexes Digivisionmedia.com, I say... have both and market whichever one you want. ...


The "Proper" Usage Per the ITU, the # symbol should be referred to as square in the context of telephony. On the 4 × 3 array, the symbol on the button which is immediately to the right of the button 0 (in the 6 × 2 array, the corresponding button is located below the button 0) and which, according to UIT-T Q.23, is used to transmit the frequency ...


TL;DR Call it "pound" or "hash". What's "HASH"? The name 'hash' sounds quite technical. While every programmer do (should) understand what is 'hash', I'm not sure if I should expect it from the non-programmer. During my stint as a software developer (before I started to care about the people who actually had to use the stuff I wrote) I never referred ...


If this is targeted at a younger audience, they will immediately know what button you are talking about if you say "hashtag" I know that sounds silly, but it will effectively communicate the point. In America, that key is typically referred to as "the pound key". Here in America in most forms of mainstream media you are bombarded with a constant stream of ...


Section 3.2.2 of the ITU standard "E.161 : Arrangement of digits, letters and symbols on telephones and other devices that can be used for gaining access to a telephone network" says... The symbol may be referred to as the square or the most commonly used equivalent term in other languages. Given the global rise of Twitter since this document was last ...


Hash is very standard, and the term is certainly recognised in the public domain due to social media terminology. If users were still confused I would subsequently offer 'Pound' then 'Sharp' in that order.


I believe that for phones it is usually called the pound sign in English. In Dutch it is called: "hekje" (the little fence). http://blog.dictionary.com/octothorpe/ also shows some interesting background on it's usage and history.


Based on your description you will be displaying list items to do or pending items and associated statuses. You can call it as "My bucketlist"


In SharePoint Online (Office 365) this page is called Service Overview which is the first thing you see on the dashboard (link on the left navigation). If displays all services, their health and planned maintenance. It may be appropriate to your case.

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