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I will suggest to grid the events with columns for technology and department, to sort/filter by.


Scrolling isn't necessarily a bad thing. In fact people read text on a scrolling page faster than multi-page document. If you only have 13 items on the list, this is only like 2 screen height of scrolling, a lot of mobile pages out there are way lengthier. I wouldn't be terribly concern on that front. 13 items are quite a lot for somebody to take in at once ...


I would go with the UX solution, and this is why: The two options you considered differ on the response to clicking on the label of the item. This controversy was raised because clicking on the label does not have a clear affordance as to what it does. A user will not know what this click does until he actually clicks. Hence, I support the less ...


I would go with the UX recommendation described above. You could do a couple quick user tests and see how people expect it to behave to support your hypothesis.

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