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The "icon" you're looking for is the checkbox button. The label shouldn't change title though, since a checkbox button indicate "true" when checked, and "false" when unchecked. Changing the label would only lead to confusion, and you wouldn't want that.


I'm very late to the party. But I'd like to offer my own solution. That is: using a popup window (aka overlay, modal) to display the checkboxes and let the user select multiple values. The popup window is opened when a user clicks on an edit link on the main form. When he's done selecting the values, he can click a DONE button, which has a click event, a ...


Funny you should ask this, because this is almost exactly the same approach I have in my web application. To make it easier on your administrator, have a search box at the top that accepts either username (i.e. email username/login username) or full name. Then, when the administrator needs to manage a particular user, he/she searches for the user's name and ...


The following can be an option to present this scenario: Clicking a cell in calendar, a menu displays the available options. You can select the required options and click anywhere to close the menu. The cell displays the number of selections.

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