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Main problem with the sliders is that ordering is important: you cannot easily move €30 from Channel 2 to Channel 5. I see the following operations as relevant: increasing one channel's budget by decreasing the budget of one other channel increasing (decreasing) one channel's budget by proportionally taking (adding) bits from (to) other channels In ...


This original solution is attractive, but I agree with your assessment that it is not scalable. I would also argue that it is somewhat counter-intuitive because of its horizontal but proportional nature. For starters, I would change this interaction pattern to a set of linked fader controls. Something like what's found here for adjusting Bass & Treble: ...


See this picture, a great example how Humble Bundle solves your problem: You see the three main sliders: Developers, Charity and Humble Tip. You can see, how they find a solution for the "Charity" slider, which is divided into two others sliders which can be changed without moving the other sliders - subsliders.


Can't you remove the handles between the channels inside the slider and just use the signs above as handles? If it gets to tight, can you put every other below the channel? If all this fails and it's too messy - separate each channel into its own slider.

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