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Within my specific constraints, I found a way to avoid the confusion. Some of the other answers suggest to use 'add' button in the list, or to pin it below the list . I cannot pin a fixed 'add' button at the end of my list because if the user scroll out of the list, another section has to be displayed below. So my only real option to show the button ...


Consider using a drag and drop model like this: This allows users to perform more than one action at once and provides a focus for the buttons to be the final step. I would change the buttons to Save Changes and Cancel in this case.


A modal dialog box creates the expectation that clicking on any of the buttons in the bottom row will close it. This further implies that all the buttons shown on that row are alternatives--you can only choose one or the other. I would suggest making this a normal window, with an X in the title bar to close it. The reasons being: It is designed to allow ...


From what I understand of your question, the add button is tied to the current content of the list on the right. So what about putting it in or right next to the list? Perhaps like the following screenshot: You don't have to put the Add button inside the list. It could be something like this: This should clearly indicate to the user that it interacts ...

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