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How important is security to your system? You'll be effectively trading security strength with ease of use. There are less combinations available for unlock patterns as compared to using a password. Most e-commerce sites send the user notifications whenever an order is submitted. So if you can make it easy for the user to cancel/stop orders in case of ...


Everything depends on purpose of Website. What all information or content present on website decides footer Links/Content. But am not here to just say "depends!" So presuming your friends' startup would need the website more importantly for media-marketing and is not website based startup(guessed from number of pages). Rule of thumb for UX: More ...


If the information is duplicated in the footer, it becomes redundant. So, scrap it. You're right. There's no point in showing everything twice.


My answer would be in the form of a question as to what context would you want a calendar to be utilized by the end-user? There is no one answer if you cannot provide the context of what you are displaying. It's not a standard state of open if your wanting to exhibit normal iOS design patterns to users. If you are hosting a charter group that is used to ...


They're called Preloaders. I originally googled for 'Ajax loading animation' to find that out. Plenty of results: Ajaxload - Ajax loading gif generator - Your SVG + GIF Ajax Loading Icons - Loading GIF & APNG (AJAX loaders) generator Additionally, you might find this answer useful if you're looking for How to create a “...


It is just a different take on a wait spinner, which is called a preloader and is sometimes called a Loading animation. Preloaders come in all shapes and sizes.

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