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Do you choose your button colors based on the context/view or need of that screen (to create contrast, importance, etc.), or are you orchestrating it with consistency and without exception throughout the product/site? Both. Because if you're consistent throughout all the product/site design, "that screen" will share the general design of the others, in ...


We use the standard "Primary" "Secondary" "link elsewhere/escape" for our actions and never use red and green. Reason red and green is never used is because they may place un-intentional emphasis on the wrong things. e.g. We have a button for deleting an item. This is not a common action, yet if we make it red, this is the one thing we're drawn to on the ...


This post here might help you in clarifying from a scope perspective. http://experiencinginformation.wordpress.com/2014/08/12/ux-strategy-blueprint/ And this framework will help you crystallize the strategy : https://experiencinginformation.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/ux-strategy-blueprint1.pdf Cheers Rakesh Patwari

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