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OK - I'll start the ball rolling. From Wikipedia article on Cloud Computing: Origin of the Cloud symbol The origin of the term cloud computing was derived from the practice of using drawings of stylized clouds to denote networks in diagrams of computing and communications systems. The word cloud was used as a metaphor for the Internet, based on ...


A lock is the most commonly used that I have seen, as privacy generally is about locking away or hiding information. Some usable examples are: The recent MEGA logo (copyrighted I'm sure) is a great example, but not one that you can easily use. It does however show a growing understanding of a lock representing privacy.


My attempting at tracing the breadcrumbs: Probable origin of cloud (not the term, but the technology) The idea of an "intergalactic computer network" was introduced in thesixties by J.C.R. Licklider, who was responsible for enabling the development of ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) in 1969. Now, I think somewhere in 1990s, there ...


The concept of "clouds" where used in different sciences long before the concept of cloud computing existed. According to wikipedia: The expression cloud is commonly used in science to describe a large agglomeration of objects that visually appear from a distance as a cloud and describes any set of things whose details are not inspected further in ...


I think a standard button may be a better choice for this. You press it to execute an action, but it doesn't persist in an on state. It matches the metaphor. If possible, once the switch is thrown (or once the button is pressed), the user should see (instantly, optimally) that changes have taken place. If they can, the button no longer has to carry the ...


Unless an icon is absolutely necessary, have you considered using the full text or an abbreviation of the actual word or words? It will reduce the ambiguity created by an unfamiliar graphic representing of your concept.


As far as alerting the user to their active role, it seems like that is something you would want to show them peripherally; I would look into using a different color for each role, and linking that color to the role selection tool. For example, the button to enter exhibitor mode could be orange, and while operating in exhibitor mode, the title bar background ...


What about a kind of 3 state "toggle switch" with user icons wearing different hats. Can be located on the top of your screen. This way the user can easily switch from one "hat" to the other


An eye works for this purpose, and it explicitly refers to the potential agent(s) who might 'see' what data is not private (arguably the most important piece of the picture), rather than to the data itself. Internet Explorer used this for a long time, which means a huge potential audience is experienced with it. A mask or other way of concealing the ...

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