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As msparer suggested, Stating the main action first and then offering context/side effects is a very good step to take. The other thing I'd definitely do is to label your buttons descriptively. It could look something like this: Are you sure you want to close all transactions on terminal x? Closing will also print the transactions of 11/20/2014. ...


If this choice is something that cannot be undone and would cause difficulty to a user to make the wrong choice, it would be more worthwhile making them type in a pin or a password for example. Users get a bit 'trigger happy' with options and may not understand the consequences of an incorrect decision. Facebook are a good example of this - they don't really ...


A problem I see there is that the initial action has an implied consequence that might confuse your users. According to your mockup, the transaction day gets closed as soon as the data gets printed. It seems like "Printing" is the main action and closing the transaction day is the side-effect. It really should be the other way round. Name the CTA "Close ...


Why cant you just keep it simple and send it as a combination of both the name and the business like Joe Bloggs (ABC Construction Ltd). This helps establish the personal connection of who is doing the messaging and also helps establish the authenticity of where the email is coming from (from which business)

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