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A question mark indicates that you have a question for the user, for example "Do you want to save the file?" The i icon indicates that you have some information for the user: "The file was saved."


The difference between the symbols as UI element is that, from the perspective of the system, "?" is passive, and "i" is active: With the "?", the system offers the information to the user, that he needs when he has a question. With the "i", the system offers the additional information to the user, that may be useful even when he does not have a question. ...


The convention is that the question mark indicates extensive help is available, provides an interface for someone having a problem to click, and implies that a more sophisticated means of resolving the problem is being offered. The (i) indicates only that some additional explanatory information is available, but not an extensive help system. Think of an ...


Does it make sense to me? Yes. But I'm not your target audience. The question is does it make sense to Joe Bloggs and the recipient at ABC Construction LTD? Since this is a trivial undertaking (technologically), and there is little cognitive load added to Joe Bloggs ("should I or should I not select a company from the drop-down list") the it makes sense to ...

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